If you face difficulty providing a proof of address document, or your current documents only have a  P.O. Box, please follow the instructions below to retrieve a Proof of Address document from the Saudi National Address portal.

  1. Visit Address.gov.sa
  2. Click Register Your Address
  3. Choose Registration of Individuals
  4. If you have signed up to Address.gov.sa prior, choose Manage a Registered Address. If you have not signed up to Address.gov.sa before, choose New Registration
  5. Complete your registration by entering the address of your place of residence, you may need to locate your address on the map to automatically fill all fields. 
  6. Once logged in to your account, you will find a link to "Proof of Address" below "Options". Click Proof of Address to view a full page document.
  7. Download this document as a PDF and attach it upon registration, or email it to [email protected]

Upon verification, you will be able to continue your sign up process on Rain. 

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