To deposit or withdraw fiat currency (BHD, SAR, AED, KWD, OMR, USD) from your Rain account, you need to add your bank account details first. 

Once your bank account details are added, you can deposit to or withdraw from your Rain account. 


  1. Bank account in your own name. Deposits and withdrawals can only be made from a bank account in the same name as the one you used to register on Rain.
  2. Your bank account details. To set up fiat currency withdrawals from your Rain account, you will need your IBAN number. If your bank account does not have an IBAN you will need your account number and SWIFT code.

NOTE:  Make sure all the information entered is correct, otherwise, delays and potential loss of funds can occur due to banks' limited ability to reverse a wire transfer. If you are unsure of some of your banking information, contact your bank, and they will provide you with what you need.


    1. Log in to your Rain account.
   2. Go to
your profile settings and click on Payment Methods.

   3. Click on Add Bank Account.

4. Enter your IBAN and click on Add. If your bank account does not have an IBAN, check "My bank does not have an IBAN" box below and enter your Account Number and SWIFT Code. Click on Add.

Your bank account will now be linked to your Rain account and you will be able to select it when depositing or withdrawing funds.

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